Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Houghson, We Have A Problem.

This one got a bit long - sorry. 

Oil spill, War, Immigration, Mexico in a state of anarchy, Budget gaffe, Housing data, Financial fraud, there are so many choices. No telling what's gonna happen tomorrow. Bottom line is the country is being destroyed and the administration is the ring leader.

The unbelievable, unimaginable and unfathomable is happening all around you. Our country is being ripped apart piece by piece by this administration. Whether you are liberal or conservative these issues should not be ones that continue to divide us, but they should be binding us together. The saddest and most despicable part of this whole ordeal is that we the sheeple are not doing one damn thing to stop this freight train of doom from running off the cliff. To those that are in the streets and burning up the phone lines to DC, I thank you.

For the Obama supporters that are left out there, you better wake up. This S.O.B is destroying our country and we need to get him out of office yesterday. A good number of us knew it was a mistake when he got elected, but we had no real clue just how bad it would get. Now before I get into this don't start screaming Shanky is a racist. This has noting to do with race anymore. It has everything to do with the supposedly most powerful man on the planet being a bought and paid for pawn for the elite that is an ignorant, inexperienced, racist, radical that possibly delights in destroying the State and apparently is delighting in enforcing his will/ideals on the nation. I'll leave religion out of this argument for now, but there will be a time soon that we'll all be looking for that hot line to God. Not sure if our muslim leader has one of those.

Will someone please put out an APB for the American Spirit? Sadly the problems all lie with us the sheeple. Sadly American politics delivered ZERO electable officials (not a surprise really) and this moron won by default cause he's slick, can read a teleprompter and can lie with the best of them. So, we the sheeple, elected this butt head to be our president. Why? I guess after what the Bush cabal left in it's wake, we were really desperate and so we voted for change. Sounded sensible (to the entitled sheeple that wanted the free ride to go in forever), till reality hit.

Reality is that when Clinton and Greenspan took down Brooksley Borne and got the deregulation train rolling we were doomed ever since. Bush only further entitled the special interest power over DC. Throw in 9/11 , a couple of inexcusable wars (as I now view them), the Patriot Act and the takeover of DC was completed. Need I mention the Fed? Bernanke IS the president. He is in reality the ruler of the world. the only person he answers to is the man behind the curtain. He holds (along with GS) all the chips. Our Constitution has been rewritten to favor those in power to make in reality any decision they want regardless of the best interest of the people. Sadly America has been raped and pillaged and those in DC over the past three administrations are all accountable for these actions. Our freedoms have been wiped out with the economy. We have now lost everything.

Lost everything? Shanky, come on, that is a bit extreme don't you think? No I don't think so. I think know our government is now controlled by special interests (I'm leaving most conspiracy theories in the closet for now - when the time is right I'll break those out, cause to those that are not informed and do not dig - you do not know - it is far WORSE that I am beginning to mention here). Look at the rigged markets. Everything since 2008 has been a joke, especially since the bottom of March in '09. 100% winners every trading day for the whole quarter for GS? PUH-lease. Marked to fantasy assets? How bout the BP oil spill? Who the hell is running the show in the gulf 60+ days after this disaster? What the hell is being done down there other than allowing them to try and find a way to extract the oil? Can't just leave those billions of gallons of oil down there now can we? Health Care bill? Shall I continue?

The worst example of how disconnected this administration is from the people (barring everything related to our financial future, the handling of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (and a new one coming to a country near you soon for no good reason other than to further the power of the political machine that can not be stopped and to further distract you from reality) and a slight problem in the GoM not to mention many other issues) is probably occurring in AZ right now. You see the welfare state must grow. You must rely on the government for everything. The people of AZ (and now NE) are fed up with the illegal immigrants and I do not blame them.

Shanky's quick take on the subject - if you come here legally, you are welcome all day long. Welcome, love to have you, but if you are illegal and abusing the system - GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY! We can not afford to feed the world anymore. We have to protect our jobs. We have to guard every dime we have now. Allowing those that sneak under a fence and have a bay the next day to be able to live here on welfare forever more is fucking insane.

To know that portions of AZ are sealed off to American citizens because it is to dangerous for us to travel in those areas because they are controlled by Mexican drug cartels is absolutely unfathomable. What is even more unimaginable is that apparently this administration does not give a shit and has declined federal assistance to solve the problem. Yes, Mexican drug lords coming to a state near you and you can't do a fucking thing about it, so we'll just give them a huge chunk of land to operate from cause they are immigrants that we can't fucking touch cause our government is a bunch of liberal fucking pussies.

So AZ writes some laws regarding immigration to seal their boarder and our president sues to have them reversed? What the fuck? Who the hell could have dreamed up this bull shit scenario. Wait, it gets better! Obama, according to Senator Kyl, is holding the boarder hostage in order to get what he wants in the immigration bill. Not kidding, you can't make this stuff up (I'm not even sure and LSD induced trip could make up something this wild).

He honestly may be the last president we ever have cause at this rate state secession is coming, and if not my ass is moving to Vancouver. IBD has a nice post on Is U.S. Now On Slippery Slope To Tyranny? While their investment advice is timely and good, this article is about 18 years late. We've been on the road to a fascist state for some time now and the current administration has put it in overdrive to get us there. I'm afraid that there is no reversing our course right now. We have lost our will to fight.

As I have mentioned before, our forefathers would be severely disappointed in us as a nation and if they knew they were gonna fight and die so we could become a bunch of entitled spoiled brats, I don't think they would have fired a shot if they could have seen into the future. We should be ashamed of what we have become. We the sheeple have become sedate slugs controlled by entitlements and brainwashed by the media and educational system. They have us right where they want us. Next, they will take over the internet (note to my government handler that reads my stuff daily - I hope you like your job spying on other American citizens - this is of course you are not in an outsourced job in India or the Phillipines - I hope you feel like crap after reading this and wake the hell up and realize who you are working for), so enjoy my posts while I'm still allowed to practice free speech in a nation as a free person.

Please get involved and try to make some noise. Please call your representative and let your voice be heard. Please discuss all the issues with your friends and family. We do not have much time. This election season is quite possibly the most important ever and will most likely decide the fate of this nation. Virtually everyone in DC must go (except Ron Paul - the man who should have been president - of course). They have us right where they want us, divided right down the middle. We must find common ground to stand on so we can fight this fight. Well, your freedom should be enough to accomplish that. This is no longer a game. This is real and our freedoms depend on everyone coming together and taking back our country. Freedom is something we should appreciate and respect, not take for granted like we do. Now is our turn to fight for it, cause if we don't all will be lost.

As always thanks for the views and have a good one.