Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Ugly? You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet (And A Sell Signal)

Yet another hit and run from the man paying by the minute to play on the internet. Charting is becoming difficult on the high seas as I'll update a chart and then when it gets submitted to Stockcharts it gets rejected. Now that is annoying, but not as annoying as, say, one big ass lied about oil spill or, say, a huge fucking financial problem that is about to launch the world into a Mad Max sequal scenario. LMAO, I'm on a cruise with a bunch of others taking it to the grave or charging it off on Uncle Obama's tab. You all remember that Youtube vid with the black lady in the auditorium saying she would never have to worry about her mortgage or paying for anything ever again? OMG, we all laughed. Who the fuck is laughing now?

Gold schmold. If you want to buy physical, come to Alaska. Every friggin port has gobs of the stuff for sale. Little Shanky (1) and I played catch with a 6oz nugget in Skagway the other day. Really. Mama Tuohy (that would be Mrs. Shanky as she favors and acts a lot like the character) was not pleased with her children acting in such a manner. What do the goldmeisters of the North say about the shiny yellow metal? I was pleased to find that many agree with me. It is a great thing to trade, but not such to own. Bottom line is who will be able to afford to buy it from you at $5,000 per ounce (well, that is not on Uncle O's dole)? Seeds and ammo baby. Seeds and ammo will be the ticket. I'll be adding a seed add soon, look for it. Nope, not kidding.

Given the previously mentioned charting issues, I'm not posting one. I've been updating what it would take to barely stay on top of things. Visit the chartbook at the link on the right. The tough part of the call here will be to see if the dailys complete their cycle to the top or will they fall short at the set divergence line (like right NOW). See the pink box on RSI5 on my first chart. Begin to look for a turn in the MACD hist and there you should have confirmation of your next short entry. 60m chart looks really nasty. I just put a potential sell pole (one of those long vertical red thingys) on it.

Screw it, I just went and put a sell signal on my 30m Short chart. Not sure if this is the big one here or just a bull flag on this corrective. Here is the problem, never forget it is a bullshit, manipulated, low volume HFT driven market. Not sure who is left trading. Thus, danger to the short siders still exists. Not like it once did, but it is still there. I have no open positions, but if I were at my desk I'd begin to look here. I can't have naything open where I am. The 30m long and short sections of the chartbook have not been updated, but I plan on getting to those in Vancouver.

Last day at sea. Docking in Vancouver tomorrow at 8am. There for two nights then home. I have several regulars from there and would love some hints on what to see. We have pretty much done it all up here. Alaska is an amazing place. Wish I had more time to clue you in on everything I have done. I am very greatful to have had the chance to experience this wonderful state.

Hang in there. I have A LOT to bitch about and am thinking of some new things to get us all more involved with changing America (if that is even possible, but we'll go down bitching like hell if not). I'll get a photo of the little Shankys in their new BP is B.S. and BP Sucks T-shirts and post it soon. Visit th chartbook in the $SPX are for the recently updated.

Thanks for all the comments and continued visits (and even some donations) in my abscence. My buddy Incarnate did a nice job in pleading for your assistance to pay for this excursion and it worked! Actually I would like to think it had something to do with my long call from last week.

Take care, FUCK BP! and GL!