Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No HOPE At All, As Nothing Can CHANGE The Course We're On

As my level of pissedoffness grows by the minute, I read this from ZH - Obama Says He And Bernanke Agree Economy Is Strengthening. What is it gonna take for someone in a position of authority (I use that term lightly) to just come out and say, "My fellow citizens, you are fucked and there is little to no hope of an economic recovery within your lifetime, your children and their children will have to pay for the mistakes greed of the financial industry and the oil spill is going to cause a dead zone around the GoM that will be worse than Chernobyl. Forming the Socialist States of America is our only hope." I don't think that message will ever pop up on the o's teleprompter but it should.

The charade is over. Another from ZH - Big Call From Jeff Gundlach: "The US will 'Politely Default' on its Debt"  has what I have been calling for since I started this blog. Massive global default will be the only solution to this mess (and that really will be only the beginning to the recovery).

Sadly only 57% See Greater Danger In A Government With Too Much Power (Video) which makes me question what the other 43% are thinking (woops, that's the Obama crowd - sorry). Some of the people here are really stupid. Since we're talking about percents here how bout Consumers Get It, Keynesian Clowns Don't - 63% Believe Congress Should Worry More About Deficit than Boosting the Economy from Mish. This covers some of the employment issues we face. Mish is IMO hoplessly optimistic that unemployment will only reach to the 11.5% range. Shanky thinks it will get worse than that. I also have to ask, when the hell did American sheeple get educated on understanding debt?

Have no fear, another BP worker, 48, dies of “natural causes” in hotel room after cleanup duty (from Port St. Lucie, FL)  but that is no big deal. Neither is EPA opening public “Decontamination Stations”; 400 people seek medical care after visiting Florida beach.  Don't worry. All is well. Come on down and enjoy the sun and surf. Spend your money. Support those local businesses now more than ever regardless of the health consequences to you and your family.

Since we're talking oil spill, the most informative video I have  seen to date is here G4: Corexit/oil eats through boat hulls, kidneys (PHOTOS/VIDEO)  This one will make you sick. Bottom line is the GoM will be a disaster zone resembling Chernobyl sooner than later and the fallout from it could very well devastate the whole Southeast. This is some really fucked up shit and the panic surrounding it should be far greater than that of the financial crisis. Mega rant coming on this soon. 

Aside from the oils spill, we all should known that our consumer products are rigged to fail as well. What good does it do a company to design a product that would last forever? Denninger clues us in nicely to the fraud that comes from the likes of DELL in Faulty Capacitors: See, They Knew! where you get, "You are being screwed, America, by manufacturers who produced products with defective components that are necessary for both the function and safety of the devices you're using."

You know if all that is not enough, you can look into the fact FACT that Wachovia, it turns out, had made a habit of helping move money for Mexican drug smugglers.  How To Run Drug Money: Be A (Large) Bank NICE!. As it is turning out, maybe Alex Jones is the next great prophet like Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce before. Scary as hell all that he has pointed to over the years, that we all shook our heads at and disregarding for psychotic ranting is now mostly coming true.Better start paying more attention to those conspiracy theorists that follow the CFR and Builderburg. Maybe the New World Order is a real event.

I have to confess that I listen to AJ daily and would encourage you to do so as well. Get a one month subscription to Prison Planet and share it with your friends. Watch the videos and form your own conclusions. I am about 85% behind his thoughts and theories, but that is a far cry from where I was just a few years ago. Sadly AJ has been right on a lot of things for years that most of us considered unthinkable.

So there you have it, a mini rant that should aid in sending the wake up call to the sheeple. I'll have more later. It is getting to depressing to even bitch about anymore. Mad Max....maybe not (that happens after Yellowstone erupts) but really hard times are coming. 

GL! Look for the Gulf Coast Rant coming soon. This place is already a toxic dump, you just can't see it (and that's the way they want it).