Monday, February 22, 2010

News Time!

Gotta be a quickie tonight - I am coaching coach pitch baseball (this will be the last year I think) and have to get to practice.

Mish has Commercial Real Estate Apocalypse in 2011-2012, an incredibly detailed post that will have you feeling less better after you read it (or better if you are a perma bear like me).

As we watch the EU implode, Mish pulled this one Italy a Bigger Threat to EU than Greece; Italian Derivatives Draw Scrutiny; Mundell Wants Cap on Euro Gains; Academic Wonderland he notes the conundrum facing each nation these days, "It is impossible for everyone to get what they want: a weaker currency vs. everyone else hoping to stimulate exports."

Since I brought up Wonderland, just what has been happening behind the curtains over there? ZH has The Chairman Of Goldman Sachs Bank, And Former FRBNY President, Says Many European Countries Used Comparable Debt-Hiding Swap Transactions     

TPC has THE ONE CHART THAT SCARES RICHARD RUSSELL most of us are salivation over TBT and where it may go one day. They are scared, I'm looking forward to it. USB (30yr) is set to bust one sooner than later. 

Several blogs covered this one, but WB's conspiracy tint is the best I think -McCain: Paulson and Bernanke Promised that the $700 Billion Troubled Asset Relief Program Would Focus on the Housing Meltdown

Ritholtz has Policy Errors Dog Treasury Secretary "Ignore that misleading headline — the article itself is not so much about the anger over the bailouts, but instead details the policy decisions and political choices Geithner made as Treasury Secretary. The litany is not pretty." That it is not. I found this one quite humerus.

Enjoy! See you in the am.