Thursday, February 18, 2010

Morning Post

Jobs disappoint but what's new? Walmart disappoints as well.

The minis are backtesting their market support line that runs back to June.It has completed a 50% retracement of the fall from 1148. There is a nice divergence in the 30 and 60m indicators and daily RSI is leaning down. Was that the top of a completed corrective yesterday? I do not know. At this time I want to call that an A or the end of the first leg up of the corrective.

SPX 30m - Topping at TL's and divergences all over the place here and on the 60m. That was quite a run over the past few days. I'm gonna look for a pll back tot the lower black TL and possibly to gap support, but that is it for now. The dailys still have room to run and that is keeping me somewhat more bullish than most in the pack.

Gold - The IMF sale will effect the price, but this is not a new announcement. Looks like they may be thwarting a breakout.
OIL - Dailys and channel say it is headed up for a while.Petrol report today. Look for it.
Natgas - Settling in at support but also near the top of a channel down. I think it has further weakness. NG report today. Look for it.
Dollar - Tough spot cause I want to call the top of an ABC retracement of the fall from the $89 top, but my gut (and another chart) says its going back to 89. I need to make up my mind here and do a more detailed post.

GL today!