Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mini Rant Time! Let's Fight The Beast!

You all know my blood pressure rises and falls like the market. Not necessarily in tune with the market but in tune with the stupidity, audacity and incompetence of the actions of our fearless leaders. I watched a vid on Mish's site earlier today that got me thinking about where I stand on many issues and questioning where I have been. I do not know if you are a Democrat, republican, liberal, conservative or independent. Quite frankly I don't think it matters anymore. Sure we all have our pet peevs and individual beliefs, but time has come to set those aside. I believe we will all find out soon enough that the oysters in Apalachicola, watching American Idol or getting the best football recruiting class are not nearly as important as say ... eating.

The one enemy we all have in common is the beast that is our government. The beast is now out of control. This beast has morphed its self from three beats into one three headed mega beast. The banks, the Fed and the government are now all one functioning unit.Over time greed and power have permeated the system to a point that it has become a self serving unit that no longer serves the people. It serves the special interests that drive profits and wealth creation (think money, food and medicine). It serves a state that will use any means to (in the name of peace) ever expand its boundaries of control and influence. It now exists to become more powerful and control the world. The most successful country in the history of the world has now OD'd on it's own greed and can no longer function in any moral or respectable manner.

I am a firm believer that the system is truly off the tracks out of control. It was on two wheels in the "original" bubble burst in 2000. We had a chance to get all four wheels back on the tracks, but the banks had lost so much money Greenspan "had" to come to the rescue. This was the birth/morphing of the beast. Thus our fate was written in stone and the system went off of the tracks and is now (whether you know it or not) airborne off the side of the cliff.

The credit crisis has its roots in fraud and self servitude that go back to the early 90's (for this arguments sake and leaving the Creature from Jekyll Island out of this post. I support End the Fed). What they have created for their benefit has grown to be more important that the whole, than the nation. Why? Cause it now has the power not only to destroy the nation but every financial system in the world. The financial arm of the beast has taken control and will not yield it's power to anyone. We are getting the big fuck you right now from the financial warlords that own you and me and in a rather sneaky way have made us their slaves. Was this planned? Was it inevitable? Possibly, but that is another post. (Think Rome.)

Can we fight the beast? Absolutely. We are the life blood of the beast. We are the oxygen flowing thru the arteries. We are the spending and working (taxable) machine that gives the system power. Without blood the beast will die. We must now at this time find a common good. A common ground to stand on where we all as carbon based life forms come together and set aside our differences of opinion and belief. We must morph now (yes, like the Power Rangers did) into one great beast to stand against the system. We must begin to function as one. We must learn to communicate and effectively transfer information and knowledge to one another. Most importantly we must get off of our lazy asses and get involved to represent ourselves as a unit.

If our Armageddon is not written in stone already (which it may be, the desecration of the Constitution, fraud, lies and manipulation now seem to be daily events), we must fight as one unit and not in splinter groups managing various wars. Cutting off the beast's hand does no good. (figuratively speaking of course) We must aim for center of mass with all our firepower. Move your money was a great start and Tea Parties are good, but they will not be enough. I believe we the only way to defeat the beast will be some form of total revolution. A global financial revolt that literally stops the system and forces it to serve our interests.

Wait Shanky, total revolution? Yup, I think so. The only other HOPE is that we totally revamp Washington. Frank, Pelosi and the ruling elite must be removed. Strict regulation must be put in place. The Fed must be abolished. the Constitution must be restored to it's original form. All that and more must be fixed before we can even consider SS and health care issues. The system is out of control and run by the elite banksters and special interest groups that are drunk on power, greed and control. The literally don't give a shit about you or me. They are a parasite. They are the cancer.

To those of you questioning this (and think I'm a nut) just wait. The impending collapse of CRE, the further collapse of RE and the collapse of their last bastion, the markets, will send us over the edge. Impending higher taxes, further job layoffs, wealth destruction/transfer (to the banksters), pension/SS/medicare failures among many other factors will drive us over the edge.

We no longer have a iron in the fire yet we the people continue to be the lifeblood of the machine. Only we can stop it, and we must act as one for we are the machine. We have lost sight of this. We got caught up in their game of chasing the golden ring. We went to their casino and came out massively in debt. We have lost all concept of what it means to be an American. Our forefathers had to fight for everything. They built this country with their blood, sweat and tears. They fought and died for us to have the right to be free.We have not built jack shit. We have become some sort of parasite as well. It is time to wake up and fight. time to exercise the freedom and rights bestowed upon us. Some generations had it easier than others. It is our turn to make America great again.

It will take a total meltdown to remove the cancer. We will have to start all over again to get it right. BUT, will we (as we always do as a society) accept less for the sake of convenience? Let them have their power so we can have our big screens? do we concede for the sake of convenience?

Here is my question, do we want to slash a few arteries or do we go all out and starve the beast to a point of weakness that it will yield control just to say alive? I say we aim at center of mass and starve the beast.