Friday, February 26, 2010

Announcing The New Weekend Post

I am going to institute something new - a weekend post. This post is going to be different from the normal stuff to some degree. I will try to deliver the same high quality content, but with a bend towards one some of my new advertisers (some you see and some you don't). Yes, the goal will be to get you to click on something. Hey, I am telling you up front. They all have quality material at their sites for the beginner to the experienced investor. I feel comfortable introducing you to them, and I can do this via informative targeted posts that will not be a waste of your time or mine. If I could not keep the content at normal standards I would not do this.

If I did not like and trust them I would not be doing this. Believe me, we have been beating this around for about 6 months and I have resisted to this point. I am not "selling out" and this will not affect the site during the week. I am thankful for my many followers and do not intend on inconveniencing them in any way. I do this blog for free. I get nothing but the sporadic (and sometimes very generous) hits on the "donate here" button (yes it works, try it!).

So, I have decided to use the weekends (since I never post anything then anyway) as time to try and make some moola. You know, a little something for the effort. Thanks for your understanding. Again, this will not affect the normal weekly postings at all. I believe you will find the weekend posts worthwhile (or I would not do them in the first place).

Thanks again for your views, comments, emails and making this site a success.