Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekend Video Pleasure With Bob Ross

HA! No, not that kind of video. (I'm positive that some of you where thinking RedTube). Sit back, relax, enjoy whatever extracurriculars you partake in (or not) and chill with the most entertaining painter of all time the late Bob Ross. Most of you are too young to have had the glorious experience I had watching Bob's tv show growing up. He's Mr. Rogers in a paint studio. You'll actually learn something. He's a blast (once a year) IMO. Give it some time. Watch his picture come to life. You'll either be a fan or not.

If you remember Bob, please leave a comment. I guess at 45 and with the world crumbling down around me I may be starting my regression to look for nice, fun things from the past for a brief escape. Maybe we all should do a little more of that. Might make this a better place.

I'll be updating all my charts this weekend and do a near term prognosis chart post Sunday. Thanks to everyone for the views and comments this week. I would like ask that you to go back and read my Just What We Need - More Regulation! if you have not. It's the most important post I have done to date, and I think it got lost in the mix or no one wants to read about our dire future.

Enjoy and have a great weekend while you still can.


  1. @ S135 - no, Bob was though. Like I said, you are to young to get this one. This is one of the dudes that warped my mind as a child before cable TV and push button phones.

  2. Bob was the coolest! still watch his reruns on the local pbs. i have tried very hard to find and buy his paintings, nearly impossible.

    you know he was doing tons of weed....


  3. I remember HEE-HAW and Lawrence Welk on TV so not all of us are young pups! :) Today was a roller coaster. Nice red candle for the week though. Have a great weekend...


  4. shanky,

    enjoy your blog very much

    i am following ung and looked at your chart on it

    can you please explain what the red and green horizontal lines mean


  5. Shanky, as a fellow 45 year old geezer, I remember and appreciate Bob Ross. It was amazing to see something come alive, almost literally from his mind to his hand to the brush and ending up on the canvas. "How about right here... yes, that's it... a happy little tree..." Oh how I wish I was even close to that artistic.

    Thanks for the memories.

    Iggy (Annoyed)

  6. OH, I LOVE to watch Bob. Can you post more Bob's video.

  7. Bob is brillant. Show more Bob Ross's video.


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