Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Let The Conspiracy Games Begin

I've warned in the past that I am somewhat a conspiracy nut, but I would not take the blog there till the time was right. Well, it appears the ground swell of pissed off investors is upon us. The incredibly obvious manipulation of the markets and the media has finally pushed the launch button of Internet driven reform.

TPC has this to say, "As the global economy collapsed last year and U.S. citizens sank under crushing house prices and job losses Goldman appeared to be flourishing (also see here). Despite doing more than just about any other firm to help create the housing bubble Goldman is now one of the greatest beneficiaries." WTF people? The alarm clock is going off and it is time to get out of bed.

What really got me pumped tonight was a post on Prag Cap - THE GOLDMAN SACHS CONSPIRACY?. In this MUST READ post is Looking Behind The Curtain, The "Real" Conspiracy by Martin Armstrong. It is a tail of insiders and GS that will have you so pissed off you might just beat your dog (please don't). This is one you may have not seen just yet. Please read it. Wait till you read the Buffett implications. Wild stuff.

Most of my readers know about ZH and the campaign to rattle the SEC, but if what is in the Armstrong story is true, we got no freaking chance. No one does. Not the Chinese, Russians, SEC, the Attorney General - no one, because the web of GS is cast far and wide.

I'm sure you have read Goldman Sachs: "Engineering Every Major Market Manipulation Since The Great Depression" (linked to the new ZH.com site). If not, please take the time. Matt Taibbi’s piece in Rolling Stone is something else.

Well, one of two things is going to happen 1) they are going to shut the Internet down so you never know the truth (which in some circles is believed to be in the works) or 2) we actually have a once in a lifetime chance to make a difference in America and save it from the fascists (no, that is not a delusional statement). I don't think they'll shut down ZH, but the actions TD's taken to avoid personal loss are well thought out and somewhat scary if you think about it (read his Transitioning post if you have not). Anyone want to put an Over/Under on the amount of time it takes for him to get a CnD order?

If you can't wake up to the reality that is blatantly in your face and are not at least slightly motivated to at least begin to ask questions, you might as well be a drone or one of the sheeple being hearded and controlled by powers that don't give a shit about laws or our Constitution. Pay not attention to the laws they are trying to enact to take away your constitutional right to bear arms. An armed populace may be the only way we get out country back from these assholes.

I may elect to hammer on the Fed some to keep things fresh (well, they are run by GS people too..oops...Did the O ever hold a post at GS? LOL). If you have something you expect or want to know more about let me know and I'll dig something up.

GL trading this week. Thanks for your views and comments.


  1. We really have to face the reality.
    and don't let anybody control us.
    We are the one who make our own decision so they should respect our views.

  2. I want GS Perp walks. The system needs to be purged of maggots. The Wall Street banks all need to be dissolved and their clients business moved to sound banks that do not trade stocks to make money.

  3. good job shanky.

    how about some charts?


  4. You nailed it!

    Semper Fi


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