Friday, April 10, 2009

SRS looks pretty tasty

Falling wedge and indicators bottoming out. Don't buy just yet but soon. SDS in falling wedge as well, but might not be ready quite yet. As I go thru updating my charts, I'll post more this weekend.


  1. Shankster, it seems as though your mad typing skillz are still subject to the lingering effects of those vacay cervezas lol! Keep up the good work:) Did you get a chance to watch the Argentina vids yet?

  2. Saw them and the O Deception. Shared them with several people that appreciated them. Thanks for sharing. When I got pissed off a a few weeks back I turned off CNBS and listened to AJ on the net for two weeks straight and he got me back on conspiracy track. Now committed to listening to him several times a week and back to checking out infowars once at least daily. This is crazy, but he's right and has been for years. I just wish he would not shout so much. For a while I got burned out on what i thought was fearmongering and BS, but can't dismiss him any more. Keep 'em coming. Got to wake up the sheeple.

  3. Well since you're caught up, I'll unload the rest on ya for your visual. Promise not to blame me if you want to go straight back on vacay lol!

    USA concentrations camps that are active or NOW being renovated!

    Secret Space

    The Phil Scheider Story

    You are the Property of the Rothschild Family

    We the People Stimulus Package

    Good Russell blog the other day

  4. Shanky, what's your current count on SRS?


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