Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is Novavax the smoking gun behind the bio-engineered swine flu?

or is this a big hoax to sell his flu remedy? Tough call. As mentioned in my blog post below, both Reuters and the WSJ have questioned the strain of the flu and are asking the question, was it bio-engineered? Dr. Len Horowitz documents Novavax's (NVAX)relationship with the CDC and other bio-defense contractors very nicely and appears to have put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Just take a look at the vid or click in the link in the blog title to read his documented transcript. It is interesting to say the least and will make a great movie someday.

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  1. Shanky,

    Please post any future reports you find that corroborate this explosive allegation that the swine flu virus was man-made, and made for profit. If this is true, the public is going to revolt!


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