Friday, April 17, 2009

No Party at 875?

Well we'll have to just wait a little bit longer then. How bout that move in SHLD today. Up 7.75% today and 83% since March 9th! I was all over that move. Weren't you? Saw it coming a mile away. Impressive. Think the shorts are out yet? Nothing like a real estate laden, high credit driven retailer located in a bunch of bankrupt malls rallying at the top. Boy you would think that everyone is running out for a new Kenmore double stack right now (and paying cash to boot!).

Sorry, but this bull shit has to end and when it does it's gonna hurt. No positions today. I sold some longs and generated some cash. I'll post a bunch this weekend and try my best to get a handle on things. Who knows - you might get a pummelled late night pissed off classic Shanky rant. Those are fun! You know when you read you blog in the am you don't remember posting them - HA (just kidding - would not do that).

Anyway - have a great weekend. Don't forget to call your congressperson and thank them for further screwing up our world. You may also want to brush up on figuring out the old shell game and trying to follow that little ball, cause they are good at it and they know where the ball is at all times.



  1. Skanksters,

    Caught up on the vid links I posted on the 10th under "SRS looks tasty" comments?

  2. shank, whats you charts look like on the solars here?

    they look like laggards to me, and i think they are the first sector money starts coming out of here. imo

  3. Adam, have not gotten to any yet, but I will. Been very busy. Have not forgotten. Thanks.

    Erik, I sold my TAN today at a healthy profit. I have a few charted and I'll update them and you'll have an answer late sun or mon. Check the WFR and ENER and TAN charts. Got one you want me to add?

  4. nah man. thank you though

    i play the beta's (fslr is my favorite here short, since they had that terrible last earnings right before the rally started, so to me they have been basically given a free elevator ride here, courtesy of the broad market)

    but tan gives the clearest picture of the index, imo too

    i'm seeing some nice relative weakness to the broad market in the solars here, i think they are more likely to pull back here now, vs other sectors.

  5. SP500 now offically estimated to go to ZERO in 3 months based on GAAP earnings. Hey, let's rally further:

    Funny how CNBS doesn't consider earnings to be worth talking about.

  6. Did you write Bull Shit that way on purpose separating the words?


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