Monday, April 20, 2009

SDS Chart

Just throwing a few charts up from requests. Not too much detail. Fibs and TA only at this time.


  1. Pi cycle - on the money AGAIN!

    Hey, any way to measure the projection for these wedge breaks? Not sure what the rule is for that.

    Thnaks for your charts - love the new weekly one.

  2. Projections for wedge breaks is the height of the wedge. Look it up in chart school on stockcharts for further deatil. I usually have a dashed line on my charts as the target (there is one on this chart above - the line that looks like a channel line above the wedge). It is not always accurate, but works for a good rule of thumb. Pi Cycle is some wierd stuff. Must pay more attention. I like the new weekly one as well. If you have any suggestions for the indicators let me know.

  3. S135 - look at the BAC chart above for how the targeting should work. It was near perfect.


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