Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Morning Charts 12/19/12 SPX /ES

Running late this morning, sorry.

Minis Daily - Pretty basic stuff. Market falls cause it should and it rises for whatever reason available, good or bad. There is all sorts of resistance and overbought divergences are being set up at this time. We're in a blow off top ST at this time. I don't see how they can't push it to 1460 at least at this point. I tried to hold 1432. I really did not want that to break, but it has and now we're at 44 s/r. I'm looking at 1460 area to a double top at this time if they do not hold it here at the 1444 resistance at the LT double HnS green diagonal.

SPX Daily - And we have achieves the +400 point on the SPXA50. NYMO is in a nasty divergence. Check out the MACD histogram - nasty. RSI is topping out. Now all we have to do is let the greedy bastards get ahead of themselves again and then pounce. Be patient. The short move is coming. Let it come to you do not force it.

You can't fight 'em. They will push this market wherever the heck they want it to go. There is not one damn thing you can do about it. The elite are in total control.Reality left the building a little over two years ago and is nowhere to be seen right now. All you can do now is sit back and let the short trade come to you. It is coming. I think it is coming in a really big way. Just remain patient. They just had a major stick save back at 1341 and then two more on the way up to this point.

Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

GL and GB!

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