Thursday, October 31, 2013

Morning Charts 10/31/13 SPX /ES

Happy Halloween STB! Today may be the spookiest day of the year, but spookier times have never faced this nation or even the globe.

I've been discussing my fears surrounding November and the SNAP food stamp cutbacks. Remember, we're talking about this administration ticking off 50,000,000 of the neediest Americans. Classy, I know. Don't forget the demoraps that voted for this cut will be spinning this as the GOP's fault and more of the childish and disgusting name calling from the libtards will ensue. Basically the democraps are about to throw their voting base under the bus.

To those of you that have never seen it or think it can't happen here, we can get pissed off and it has happened before. I suggest you watch the following video.

I've also been discussing the EMP power grid shutdown drills that are to come in the northeast on November 13-14. The combination of the SNAP cuts and this unprecedented power down give enormous potential to a false flag situation. Give the poor a couple of weeks to get pissed off and hungry and then cut the power off to show them who's boss? Sounds plausible to me. Oh, and while the power is off a few bombs go off and POOF/OOPS all your money was stolen on Wall Street. 

Think I' exaggerating when I say that the train is coming off the tracks and we've gone beyond repair as a nation? Then just take a look at the Drudge headlines. Read them daily for a couple of weeks and then come back and tell me if I am wrong. Spooky times indeed!

On to the lie -

I'm ticked. I can't find an old pumpkin chart and SC is not letting me draw a new one for some reason. 

You got a chartapalooza yesterday, so go there of longer term or bigger picture stuff if needed,

Minis 60m - The rising green wedge failed. Then the gray wedge failed. Now the 60m 200ma (1751) is all there is left above the busted upper pink channel resistance backtest and the 23% retracement (1741) witch (lol) is key support here. As for resistance, the blue and beige lines above are major resistance points and they are at 1769 and 1781.

SPX Daily - Not much to say other than she's ready for a sizable turn. Somewhere around 1700 is key/major support.

More to come below.

Have a great Halloween. 

GL and GB!

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