Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Morming Charts 10/16/13 SPX /ES

You know, we at STB have done a pretty darn good job at remaining calm while weathering every budget crisis and all the other minutiae they've thrown at us over the past five years. Could this time be the one? Is there a real chance that this time is different? The odds of a collapse are higher now than ever before, and it is a foregone conclusion that the end is inevitable.Thus, why not now?

I'm really not sure how to convey to you just how screwed up this country is and how close we are to losing everything. I've been writing here since 2009, over 1,800 posts, of how dire things are. I've never wavered. 

We've run the gambit from Agenda 21 and the eugenics theme to the FEMA camps and the NDAA all the way to the NWO. We've covered every crisis in detail and linked them all together, and now we're finally facing a real end game scenario. 

I wrote several dire predictions in 2009 that have all come to pass but three. Deflation to hyperinflation, massive global default and the "event" that would end it all. The "event" that would be out of "their" control that would rip their power form them is the most discussed here on STB.

Right now our resident socialist, spoiled ass, childish, immature, muslim president nut job is at the helm and has our ship headed straight towards the cliff. He WANTS us to crash. He wants this country to be destroyed, and we're gonna let him do it. 

I'm afraid we're not receiving his signals very clearly even though he's broadcasting loud and clear. If he's inconvenienced the slightest bit when installing his policies, then he has made it painfully clear that we will feel his wrath until he gets his way. His warning shot was the shutdown where he took the most incredulous steps such as closing down the Veterans War Memorial and such where we the sheeple would feel his wrath. 

This was just the start. Now he's promising to send this nation into total chaos by cutting off the retired and the welfare state from their entitlements. That's right, the entitled dumb shits that voted him into office will be the first to feel his wrath. How nice. Since he can't mobilize the blacks and the poor to do his bidding, he'll force them to riot and cause social unrest by cutting off their EBT funds. This is not gonna be pretty. 

So, instead of taking the painless route, instead of negotiating, instead of acting like a responsible adult and not a tyrant, instead of taking funds from the defense budget, he's going straight where it will hurt this nation the most. What an ASS! Can you say Devil? Antichrist? Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood? Supporter of Al Qaeda? Traitor? And, yes, he's our president. Amazing. 

I seriously hope the GOP does not cave to this blackmail. I hope they let the chips fall and the country fail. We need the purging. We need about a billion doses of colon cleanse right now to remove the excess waste that is stuck in the bowels of our system. Not till we've been cleansed appropriately (which includes eliminating the Fed) will we ever recover from this debt nightmare. 

Get ready folks. It's about to get really nasty. 

Minis 60m - Pretty simple, bearish green rising wedge has failed and may have backtested. The second STB point is above at 1762 where yellow meets pink. Bout the only way that gets hit is if they come to a resolution and the markets spike. 1687 is critical support. Price is above the 61% retracement and was only stopped by the 78% line yesterday. Anything over 61% had led to a higher high thus far in the bull in a bear market. I think we get more pong today as the market/algos will follow whatever news reports tell them to do.

I'll do a chartapalooza tomorrow and give the rundown of how desperate things are technically. 

More to come below.

Have a good day!

GL and GB!

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