Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning Charts 10/17/13 SPX /ES

Back in mid 2011I came up with the bright idea that the first quarter of 2013 would be as far as they would be able to take this farce. That was one of my worst best calls. I believe the timing was right, but then we the sheeple got taken to the woodshed by a bunch of swindlers and pimps. QE4eva hit and in August of 2012 I tweeted that we'd just entered a time of unprecedented market manipulation like the world has never seen before. The rest is history.

I guess I'm a bit naive, nostalgic or blind really when it comes to this government corruption. Funny to hear me say that? Kinda, since it is all I rail about every day. I guess my nature causes me to keep that glimmer of hope alive that some representative somewhere will make a difference in DC fighting for liberty and freedom against the socialist democratic party. Hope is dead. He killed it with the greatest mockery of the word that the world has ever seen. 

Well, let me correct that, hope for the socialist control state where freedom is fleeting, marshal law is rising, and the entitled reign supreme is alive and well. Hope for the destruction of America is as bright as ever. 

We all knew they'd raise the debt ceiling. That was a no brainer. It's the fact that they caved to potus demands that's so surprising. Not really I know. I'd written about the prancing peacocks and the lipstick on the pig. I knew some sort of compromise would come, but not a total lay down. 

They fell to the floor like a dog that's about to get whooped, roll over, spread your legs and expose yourself. What a bunch of gutless sissies. Damn that money must be good up there to be willing to betray your constituents and country. Either that or the threat of an NSA enema with a little NDAA on the side turned 'em. Nothing like a bit of good 'ol Chicago style strong armed tactics.

So a spending bill from the senate heads to the house, anyone else find the illegality of that a bit enlightening? I think they've set up to fail and left themselves an out that no one is contesting. Well, we know what happens when you contest a fascist tyranny right? Will that be one nut or two you would like to lose sir? 

I can only hope that those of you on the fence now take to heart everything I've written about for he past 5 years. We've lost! It's over. It was over anyway, but the last light of hope just got dashed by the whirlwind of corruption, greed and power that is your new government. 

We're done for now. As for the markets who cares. Charts - schmarts. STB has harped on the manipulation now for years. Can you hear me now? I do believe that TA will get the call right. I do believe that price will never lie. It now becomes a matter of when not if as the charts are ready and have been for some time. 

Sadly it appears my "event" call might have been the best by any prognosticator back in 2009. I saw it then and it's playing out now. Not until something happens, some external or exogenous "event" happens that is out of their control will this end.

Minis 60m - Sorry, no chartapalooza as I promised, maybe tomorrow. I adjusted the green wedge to the right and added a new support diagonal. The only thing that matters now is that red support below IMO. It has risen to the dreaded 1666 s/r point. They are running out of room.

More to come below. As I have preached since 2011, follow the Fed. they are the only game in town. Don't fight it. Check your brain at the door in the morning, become a drone, sideline any emotions you have and whatever you do do not challenge their power or you will lose.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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