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Afternoon Delight 04/02/12 - They Stole Easter

An STB attempt at telling a (very) short story. This is new, so just deal with it if it sucks. The thing is that you get the message not how well written it is.

And the moral of the story is to not allow your freedoms to be stolen by corrupt representatives that serve the corporate elite and to not let the system control your life and steal your individual liberties.

They Stole Easter

So the family is all dressed up in their Easter best headed to the annual church egg hunt. Mom, dad and little Sally (I could have made this a single struggling mom that the system is really throwing under the buss but that would have been too harsh) load the Easter baskets and cameras into the car and head off.

Running a tad late dad is in a hurry so they are going a bit fast while driving. At the last light before the church the light is turning yellow. Dad thinks nothing of it on a Sunday afternoon with little to no traffic and cruises thru the yellow/red light and pulls into the parking lot (more on this later)

They park and head to the field where the egg hunt will be. Dad gets out the video camera and starts rolling to preserve the memories. They get in line to check in and when they get to the front there are men and women dressed in blue checking bags and giving everyone the wand. Dad is promptly asked to turn the camera off. He thinks nothing of it and complies. Sally is pulled aside for a special pat down by the really thin, tall, balding man with the bushy mustache, strange smile and thick glasses. She checks out just fine he says and sends her on her way.

Once thru the security checkpoint the children are all lined up ready to start the hunt, but there is a problem. The organizer shows up noticing something is not fair. Based solely on the organizer's opinion that person lines the children up in the order they will be able to enter the field to begin the hunt. That person also tells the children that get to go first which color eggs have the special prizes.

Dad gets the camera rolling again and is promptly told to turn it off.

The kids start the hunt (Sally is one of the kids that do not get to start first) and mom and dad stand with the pastor. Dad asks the preacher man what's up with the security? Was there a threat or something? Nope Padre says, this is all for the good. This is all so we do what the bible says and support and serve the government's new system to make sure you are safe and that all are treated fairly.

Dad next asks about the organizer's decision to allow certain children to start before others. Padre says that this is better for those that need the extra assistance. He reminds dad that it is in the spirit of the new government system that all are treated with equal chance to succeed and do well in the hunt. Dad keep his mouth shut, ponders all that's going on and turns his camera back on (and is promptly asked to turn it back off).

The hunt goes well for Sally, a pretty, bright athletic young girl she is able to sweep thru the field (even with her delayed start) and be one of the first to fill her basket. At the exit of the hunt she is asked to place all of her eggs on a table where they organizers review her haul. Dad then notices that they start taking some of her eggs and placing them in a bin behind their table.

She is then sent with her basket (now half full) to the people with the blue shirts to make sure she did not place any of the eggs in her clothing and is not trying to steal anything. Mustache man with the strange smile is there again with his plastic gloves on ready for the pat down. Dad turns the camera on and .. well you know.

Mom and Dad have had enough and want to know why they took her eggs and sent her thru for another pat down? The pastor quickly intervenes and reminds the parents that this is all for the good of the system. It is so everyone is treated fairly. He reminds the parents that some of the kids are lazy and are not as eager to hunt as Sally is, so they took her eggs to give to those that did not do as well as she did.

Wasn't hat the purpose of the delayed start dad asks? Yes, says the pastor, but some that were given a head start and were told which eggs to get still did not do well enough. He goes on to remind the parents that this is all in the bible. The government is just there making sure all are safe and treated fairly.

Mom and dad and Sally with her half full basket head to the car and leave.

A week later a ticket for running a red light shows up in the mail with a photo from the camera at the red light that dad cruised thru that Sunday afternoon.

The End.

OK, that was weak, but it was a short story. I could have gone a lot deeper, but needed to keep it brief. If I had been the dad that story would have ended with me going to jail. Bottom line is that this story is reality. The blue shirts are checking us everywhere, the ones that succeed are having their wealth stolen from them, the ones that produce nothing are being encouraged not to, you can't film anything while they film you and the church is actually being used to get you to accept the system for what it is.

This is real and you need to know how their or the new society is being forced on you. You are now part of a larger controlled system. Please know this is real and wake up to the fact. Don't believe me? Open your eyes.

GL and GB!

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