Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morning Post

Bears better make hay today and in the shortened session tomorrow. POMO comes back with a vengeance on the 3rd. Remember not to fight the Fed. Benny and The Ink Jets has promised to keep the markets afloat and he's doing a fine job with that so far. Bears may get a hand when the Fed must support the muni markets in '11 with a heavier hand. Other "needs" will begin to rear their heads in '11 as well. Supporting the EU will become a major issue. All this leads to a flat controlled market with limited upside from here.

Bears will have to remain patient. I believe the econ indicators and earnings will begin to weaken in early '11 and then really fall off later in the year. This will damper markets but not cause the crash. We're gonna need the exogenous or external event I have been calling for to end it all. When that finally happens it will be a game over situation, and I'm looking for martial law to be in effect soon after.

Martial law Shanky? Seriously? Yup, when the SS and pension systems totally collapse you are gonna see the FEMA camps come alive as all the pent up frustrations finally boil over. They can possibly extend this nightmare till 2012, but I have my doubts. I believe the markets will top in February or in the summer and when they do you better have fuel and food. I plan on doing a big write up for the new .com blog for 2011 predictions.

I will be consolidating everything into a new .com site that will be better for everyone. More info on more topics that will free me up to have a broader base. Calling the markets and charting will be primary focus, but getting back into ranting and writing will be much more prevalent. Spreading the news and enlightening the readers will eventually become more important than anything (as long as that will be allowed by the government). With what I plan on writing and posting, I suspect my "handler" (if not already) will have me flagged and a room at the nearest FEMA facility ready for me to occupy.

Thanks to everyone for another great year on the blogs.

Daily SPX - Setting some sort of top. I am in the camp where we need a slight corrective of some sort and then one last pop before overbought/fraudulent conditions finally catch up with reality.If that MACD crosses it should trigger some sort of selling. Divergences are prevalent indicating overbought conditions. Even the weekly charts are becoming extended overbought.

GL and happy New Year!