Monday, December 27, 2010

Morning Post, SPX, S&P 500, e-mini

Today is a travel day for Shanky. Headed to CO to ski with the family. I will be working each morning as the time change will have me up bright and early. I'll be hit or miss in the afternoons. If the markets are hot and moving I'll be here for sure.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a special one here in GA as it was my first white Christmas ever (first in over 100yrs on GA). Good omen? Mama got a .38 cal with a lazer sight and the kids got .22 pistols!

China raised rates. Not sure what this week will have in store. Earnings season starts on the 10th with AA. It is after Xmas and all bets are off . I'm thinking late Jan - early Feb for top spot, but it can happen any time and could be in.

Gonna be time to buckle down and get really serious after the 1st. This is gonna be a big year. Defaults, violence, market crashes. We're all gonna have to be on our games.

Thanks for the support and GL!