Thursday, October 9, 2014

Morning Charts 10/09/2014 SPX /es

I think you need to know this - During An Ebola Pandemic All Of Your Rights Would Essentially Be Meaningless.
"If that sounds like "martial law" to you, that is because it would essentially be martial law."
Now, in the event of a real outbreak (if this is not a Bill Gates designed plague so he can own and control the new vaccine or if it is not an epidemic that the UN has allowed to run wild as the eugenics part of their sustainable development plan) I think some serious measures need to be taken and some rights will have to be forfeited by those infected and those that were in contact. This shit is real and folks are dying horrific deaths. We need to be concerned. 

And as for the economic impact from the outbreak (that no one could have possibly seen coming - just like they can't see bubbles), the banks are finally starting to warn about a slowdown caused by the outbreak (just in time cause they were about to have to take the heat for their complete policy failure - this really would be the ultimate cover (for many, many things) - and may wind up being the STB "event"). 

So, would they allow or cause an outbreak? Boy is this the stuff conspiracy theories are made of or what? Think about all the issues we've discussed for years here at STB. Think about how deep the hole is. Is there any way out? What would it take (as we discuss all the time) for them to be able to distract the nation from the horror show they've created (and be able to confiscate all our wealth at the same time - for our own protection)? 

Could the false flag have landed in their lap? We all know that the best way to solve the employment and entitlement problem - just kill off the poor and elderly. Poof - full employment in a world that is now a police state. Incredible? Not really, more like their wet dream. 

On to the lie - 

SPX 60m - OK, this chart has done the best work into and from the top. I've reviewed the green rising wedge overthrow of black diagonal resistance to the breakdown, to set new lower diagonal, backtest busted, breakdown new support and black support, backtest both of those, breakdown to lower black support IHnS ABC rebound and fail to the dashed green original green rising wedge fail target. All that worked better than the daily MAs actually. 

Textbook and simple - TA worked like a dream - now what? Well I had the blue wedge/channel breakdown pattern that worked well with two nice technical underthrows of support that caused corrections. It appears the blue upper resistance has failed, so I drew up the red falling channel last night. I don't like it, but it is the only thing I see now (other than another falling channel that I have not drawn yet). 

I've been counting - you know I despise it like no other, but a few 3's and 5's linked together can work - in this case there is a chance that if price holds here or stays under 1978, a horrific impulsive fail (3 of a 3) could happen. This is something I'm just looking at as a possibility. 

There are 5 resistance points between 78 and 92. What needs to be noted is that anything over 1982 (STB bull/bear line) and the odds of a higher high are like - 100% - every retrace of every correction that's crossed the 61% mark has managed the impossible. Not saying is has to or will, but this is something that must be considered. Maybe this is the time it does not or headfakes. 

Does someone care to explain the ramp yesterday on news that should have trounced the market? It's all F'd up now. Total illusion. 100% fake, so get/stay used to it. The riggedness, if yesterday is any indication, may become even worse or more blatant. The only reason markets moved up on the worst possible news - the guarantee of the return of only one thing - QE. It's all so fubar now. 

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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