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Morning Charts 07/18/14 SPX /es

I'm still trying to digest all the action. Israel and Ukraine really muddy the water now. As if things were not screwed up enough enough already. So many questions. Hard not to overreact and remain calm here regarding markets and other geopolitical ramifications. I thought something was coming. I started discussing this with my desire to call a top the week of the 4th. I did not expect anything like this, or should I say something that did not have our fingerprints all over it (YTBD). Bottom line is the timing was right for something to go down.

One thing I do expect is for a good crisis not to go to waste. If there were any Americans on that plane the situation changes. I also expect for things to begin to escalate globally from here. I believe we're now in even more danger of a domestic 'act' that will significantly escalate things. I think that the frequency and extremity of 'events' is going to escalate from here globally.

Now, of course we're left with a tyrannical idiot who's more interested in fundraising than addressing critical issues in a timely manner. I'm sure all of you are sleeping well with our Secretary of State managing the situation (while simultaneously trying to get Iran nuclear approved). Increased sanctions have already been placed on Russia. What's next? Who blinks first? Who escalates or deescalates the moment? Does Russia just go ahead and shut off the gas to Europe, or do they actually apologize for MH17 if proven their fault (which I actually think is possible)? Who knows? Every option is on the table now. Sadly we don't have JFK in charge this time.

As for Israel, fortunately no one appears to really give a shit what happens to the Palestinians and Hamas.This event, while important is being overshadowed by the potential conflict between two super powers. If this Ukraine event escalates things between us and them in the slightest bit we may be headed for a game of chicken in which both sides are guaranteed to loose.

Obummer wants a war. He's needed a war for years. I've written since 2009 that his presidency would not end without a major war. He has to have one to mask every failure and to possibly cement or entrench him as an empirical ruler. Think I'm kidding?

Here, read Do Obama's Executive Orders Reveal A Pattern? What's at shake? What's this tyrannical asshole put in place to allow him to virtually take over the country?

Try this -

In EO 13603, entitled, "National Defense Resources Preparedness," Obama says (among other things) that [we must]:
be prepared, in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States, to take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements;
Obama has the power, through this EO, to "nationalize" (not seize) private assets in order to protect national interests.  Further, the EO effectively states that he can:
1.   "identify" requirements for emergencies
2.   "assess" the capability of the country's industrial and technological base
3.   "be prepared" to ensure the availability of critical resources in time of national threat
4.   "improve the efficiency" of the industrial base to support national defense
5.   "foster cooperation" between commercial and defense sectors
There are pundits that suggest that by signing  EO 13603, Obama has given himself power to declare martial law and suspend elections.
Think capital control. Like really think about it.

Want more examples of what Obama is doing?
  • EO 10990 allows the Government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.
  • EO 10997 allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels, and minerals.
  • EO 11000 allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision
  • EO 11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.
  • EO 11003 allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.
  • EO 11004 allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate and establish new locations for populations.
  • EO 11005 allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities.
Are we beginning to see a pattern here?  We're being prepared  for a national emergency.
National emergency? Don't let a good crisis go to waste (especially when you are factually the worst president ever). Sound like Agenda 21 and sustainable development that I wrote about earlier this week? Again, this shit is real! Please tell me you are starting to get this. You can't drive anywhere. They can shut off your power, gas and water. They can place you in labor camps. Register you or your kids for defense. No planes. They can literally move you and your family to a centralized location. Of course, no boats or rail traffic either. Can you say tyranny? Fascist rule? Hitler? All he needs is a domestic "event" or some escalation of just about anything.

So now you know when I start speaking of capital or retirement plan confiscation or cancelling elections I'm not just blowing smoke or fearmongering. This shit is real. Screw looking for developments or escalation of our issues with Russia, you need to be worried about your own backyard. That's where this is headed. Wonder why I'm looking for a domestic "event"? He does not need much to declare a state of emergency and poof all liberty is gone with the stroke of his pen.

On to the markets -

I'm regretting not calling a top Monday or on July 3rd as I had threatened to for over a week. I was all over it and the charts were there. I was looking for a double top this week, got it yesterday and POOF event comes. The SPX charts I show say we finally entered my end game period. The RUT weekly chart yesterday said that we recently topped. Sadly my health had me hung a bit, and things did not get done. Even my interest in updating my chartbook (almost untouched for over a year other than a few charts) began to peak last weekend when I dove in there head first. We are in the window. Now may not be the time. We all know what the Fed is capable of. Bottom line is as I have suggested, now is the time to remove profits, all the way out of their system (as into your pocket) and diversify out of the dollar. Quit thinking you are making tons of money that you will have or control. Stop it.

SPX 60m - Overthrow of the overthrow - what more can I say? Been screaming it all week. Double top. Negative divergences. Maybe my belief that TA would get it right is finally coming to fruition? We will know more in the morning at the open. Three support points were blown out on the 60m chart yesterday. We're staring 1900 in the face right here if they allow 1950 and then 1937 to go. An 18 handle may trigger sell stops. They are there somewhere. Then it is game on.

SPX Daily - Overthrow of the overthrow of yet another overthrow (there are 5 to be exact). Narrowing BB's and increasing volatility. Been warning bout that all week as well. That black rising support diagonal is the same as my red diagonal of death on the minis. Thus, sub 1920 and it's all hands on deck hard hats mandatory.

Things are about to get interesting. Let's watch the bond market carefully for real clues. It will telegraph first.

More to come below.

Have a great weekend.

GL and GB!

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