Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Morning Charts 07/08/14 SPX /es

Much better day for STB today. Still no passage but no pain either today. Long day rafting - then dinner - then I can finally sit down to do some charts and get a post up - right? LOL. Had to fix another computer. Fugure out hoe to make Gopros play on a TV. How to mount a gopro to a helmet or a bike. Then, well, you don't want to know the rest. Concierge Shanky at everyone's service. I really should go work at Disney. Thus  you get another crappy post. The good news? I drop the boys off at 9:00 and won't see them till 3:00 today. I get to get some work done tomorrow!

I wanted to post some stuff from ZH (yes, I found some time to read a bit this morning), but I keep getting this script error and their site recently has been slowing down my computer if not locking it up. Anyone else getting this problem? So, yet another issue. Geez I;m hitting walls everywhere lately.

I can't begin to tell you how bad this illegal alien mess has me pissed off. then they thow this out there, "Health and Human Services officials will allow reporters to visit a military facility housing some of the immigrant children who have arrived at the southern border in recent weeks, but only if the media promises not to record anything, not to ask any questions during the tour, and not to talk to any of the staff members or children."

Lovely, just friggin lovely. Freedom? 4th estate? Laws? Nothing matters anymore to the power hungry politicians. I'm not sure anything left can stop them. It's so outrageous it's unthinkable.

Of course it's not just here the press is being shackled - try out BBC admonished for giving climate change deniers equal air time.

As for the markets, bout the only victory the bulls can muster is in Pamplona where the bulls got the better of four morons there. Maybe that marks some sign of life or hope?

Earnings season is upon us. Most long timers know I hate charting and calling the markets the first few weeks of earnings season. IMO, it is the most unpredictable time. Of course penny beats of lowered hurdles, spectacular guidance (on the announcement and first conf call) and missed revenues can be expected. Stocks and the market celebrate. Then of course the real dirt gets uncovered about accounting irregularities and such which leads to bad guidance after the fact, but no one gets punished as all that matters is that first announcement.

Could earnings season have a surprise or two? Sure it can, but none of this really matters as GAAP is nothing but CRAP now, and regulation is nonexistent. Just beat by a penny anyway possible. Want to throw out a massive beat? Sure, why not? Do you think the new CFA curriculum requires data manipulation and regulation run around sections in it these days? If not, they must be left wondering why they achieved their designations in the first place. A monkey could do their job now. Hell, a monkey may be doing their job for all I know.

As for my top call, I'm still all over that. I just have not had the time do do that sort of post any justice. Maybe today I'll have the time. I have to get my charts cleaned up first. That could take some time. I want to do a few new ones as well.

As for my thoughts about my "event" we may be in the middle of it right now. We're one patriot shooting an illegal from gun confiscation. We're one rocket into Israel or some sort of MENA issue that can not be undone. Dollar? LOL, that should be on top of everyone's list. Problemss are to vast and numerous to detail all of the opportunities for a false flag here and now. I suggest you read Governments from Around the World – Including Western, Islamic, Asian and African Nations – ADMIT They Carry Out False Flag Terror.

I have no immediate thoughts on the markets now. I;m a bit removed and hate the start of earnings season. I usually crawl into a hole and don't step out on many limbs at this time. I do however favor south. Possibly a lot of south. What's not ready to turn other than the Fed's mandate?If not now, it's coming soon. We got the holiday ramp behind us.

I'll be around today. Looking forward to getting back in the action. Thanks for all the kind words and prayers for my kidney stone issue. I'm hoping it has moved to my bladder, and this will be over soon. I really appreciate the kindness exhibited. I also appreciate y'all running things while I've been out.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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