Monday, July 14, 2014

Morning Charts 07/14/14 SPX /es

Another numerology day?

I'll be with the urologist this morning getting checked out. No stones passed, no pain for three days, but I'm going anyway. What's next for Shanky? The big V, so you'll get to share more pain with me sooner than later. As for the staph in my nose, much better. One heck of a two weeks I've survived. Can't wait to get to the office. Sadly I'll not be competing in the sprint triathlon this weekend I was gunning for. Just not gonna be able to pull it off.

If you were not around over the weekend I continued to update and change the chartbook. I posted all sorts of charts in the comments section of the OWP if you want to go check them out.

Not much to discuss that we've already beaten into the ground. The Fed is failing and promises of moar QE from Asia is about all that's providing support now. Well, should I say supporting the lie. That may not last long. Global and finally local tensions are nearing the boiling point. Israel is most interesting to me. Things are finally starting to unravel a bit. We're in my end game window now technically.

SPX Weekly - You'll prolly see this chart so many times over the next few months is may make you sick. 

SPX 60m - To review where price is now Overthrowing the overthrow with long term neg divs all over the place. They MUST protect the 1953 area or 1930 comes into play. The market is insanely overbought here.
SPX Daily - Just ugly. Witness the 5 (five) tecnical overthrows since the beginning of 2013. The last rising green wedge support is the same diag as my rising wedge of death support on the minis. If that support goes something really bad (event) has happened.

SPX Daily Close -I thought I'd throw this in for emphasis with the overthrow of the upper BB and the narrowing of the BB - usually indicates volatility to come. Note all the support from 1930 - 20,

More to come below.

Have a good week.

GL and GB!

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