Friday, May 16, 2014

Open Weekend Post 05/17-18/14

You know the drill, share the love and the knowledge.

If you see it, share it.

Minis are in a very precarious spot. At blue channel resistance at 1874 support/resistance and backtesting the busted green rising channel resistance all right after struggling to hold above the STB Red diagonal of Death. Uh .... hello .... Mr. Support, please meet Mr. Resistance.

Let me add - this should not bother you one bit - not at all - Dept. of Agriculture Orders Ballistic Body Armor. Nor should this Dept of Agriculture Orders Submachine Guns with 30 Round Magazines standard op procedure I guess. USDA expecting to be fighting terrorists at home? You can never be too safe I guess. Shuh, right.

Have a good weekend. 

GL and GB!

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