Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Morning Charts 03/10/2020

Well, futures up over 1k on the DOW.  We’re all witnessing this zany shit together for the first time. There is nothing rational, predictable or normal about any of these moves up or down.

Let me see if I can put this right (I failed it’s rambling junk but you’ll get it) Like it or not, this is where I am. The deep state controlled propaganda machine with the Democratic Party are weaponizing the bio weapon corona against us and POTUS. They don’t care if it kills the country or even him. They actually want the country dead or close to it. This is about power. Ultimate power over the sheeple. Over us as slaves. It’s about selling America to the highest bidder. Their vision of the future is something like a Hunger Games situation. That’s what Agenda 2030 is all about. This is their chance. Fear, panic, make us more submissive than ever to their desires and control.

Here’s the positive side - Globalization’s weakness is being exposed. The Fake news MSM, politicians and other operatives are being exposed. We are waking up and fighting back. Ofuckface almost killed us. It was HRC’s job to finish what he started. Trump and America will come out of this Wu Flu situation stronger than before.  Nationalism will flourish, which if it doesn’t kill the deep state globalists it sets them back decades.  If we get Trump re-elected America is going to take back the manufacturing of items vital to it’s citizens well being and national security.  Our state secrets will now remain in state. We will become super dominant the way we should be. We’re the best. We lead and we will control our destiny not some group of satanic sadistic fucks in a basement somewhere. The storm is coming and it will cleanse the world of the corrupt.

If Trump is not re-elected there will most likely be total chaos and a revolution.

Wu Flu is no more than the flu to younger healthy people. Wu Flu is a bioweapon. Ocare or even Bloomberg was talking about the elderly as a problem.  You’re old. A burden on the system. You’re incapable of producing anything. A waste of resources. You strain Mother Earth so you should be eliminated. That’s what Wu Flu is designed to do. Take out those that are a burden. Wu Flu will pass soon. All will be well. Think about elections, timing, control, power and correlate it to Their failed war on Trump. It’s their next step. When this fails Trump takes em all out. Everything gets exposed for all to see.

New Q yesterday - https://qmap.pub/

On to the lie -

If you figure it out let me know. I still believe we have to avoid the panic they’re pushing. Schools are being shut down, businesses may stop. They want to paralyze the world.  Watch DOW 23k. I’m still looking at the old ATH 14k as a potential target (or worse now). But I also believe the recovery will be spectacular if we have Trump leading.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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