Monday, March 9, 2020

Morning Charts 03/09/2020 SPX

Well, this is new. Limit down. The market is going to open to close? LOL.

Um ...

23k DOW is last support before 17k and then old ATH 14k. 50% of what? Inflated Fed QE BS? They NEVER FIXED THE PROBLEMS. They just papered over them. Pitchforks are probably the only answer. Q said they won’t be able to walk the streets.  If they lose the narrative and mind control. If the sheeple wake up it’s gonna get wild.

Corona is no worse than the flu. It is deadlier to the elderly and inflicted, probably designed that way, but this crash and global supply disruption is the MSMs fault.

I was at hospital all weekend in ATL. No one was freaked out. Corona never discussed. When leaving a woman walked up to the er,  said she’d been in Milan and didn’t feel good. They said go home and try to minimize exposure to others. I was like, wow. Quarantine much?

Bottom line is this will pass. It’s not killing any more than the flu. Actually if you’re a sadistic fuck you could say corona is eliminating the elderly and inflicted - those that have done their part and are now burdens on the overall system. Almost as if this was a DESIGNED or directed attack to remove the elderly.

Look at Agenda 2030 closely and you will see that care for those past their prime that no longer contribute are a burden to the planet and need to be removed. Is it too big a stretch to think a designed virus to eliminate this group would be released? How bout media induced fear to influence the sheeple to panic when not necessary? They control all. This will be bad BUT if we can elect Trump again, I do believe we will see a post crash renaissance of America. Nationalism will explode. Globalism may just be about eliminated.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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