Friday, March 6, 2020

Morning Charts 03/06/2020 SPX

Well ZH headlines look like Chicken Little got ahold of their computers and had a big time writing them. News flash:  The sky ... is falling. If it can break .. it will. Corona will break everything. So, let me get this straight, a virus not statistically much worse than the flu is going to fuck the whole planet? That’s what could happen.

I now live in a reality where I am literally one person away from a corona infected. LS1 has a fraternity brother that was in Italy and returned testing positive and is quarantined in Atlanta. Fortunately that person was never released into the public. I’ll be asking questions if possible of the infected. Am I freakin out? Nope.

Here is that ZH post on corona again. It’s a good read for understanding. Better than anything the msm will ever produce.

This is a good video series on corona - go oldest to newest -

On to the lie -

Holy crap. The “the markets did this when” shit is flying everywhere. Protect yourself. Media fecal matter is infectious. Fear porn is good for clicks. I’d be one rich ass mofo and this blog would be huge if I had gone that route. Sucks to be the voice of reason or truth. It don’t pay.

That said, this market could be about to puke up both lungs, but it’s deserved. The house of cards with a rotten base was doomed anyway. Let’s not let this disaster go to waste. Clean out the excess and fraudulent growth and allow something real and organic take over. Is that possible? Meh, yes, but Trump has to get re-elected and America will have to lead. The deep state will need to be defeated and the dems will have to lose any power they have.

So much for my 26-27k DOW shelf I wanted built. She’s got to hold 23k or the old ATH becomes the next real support. That’s 14k. There is support around 17k, but momo South won’t be stopped by something trivial. It’ll take a wall. 14k we hope will be that wall.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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