Thursday, April 2, 2015

Morning Charts 04/02/2015 SPX /es

STB's worst nightmare, been discussing the possibility of it seemingly forever but really since when Syria started to get hot and heavy and everyone was freaking out - QE4. You need several angles on these things to figure out the hows, whens and whys of what the fed is going to do to continue the farce that can not die or else. This covers just one of the angles -

"The fact that March payrolls have missed on 6 of the last 7 reports probably adds to the dollar weakness, even if a huge miss tomorrow may just be the catalyst Yellen needs to launch the QE4 trial balloon. "

I've been discussing fear in the markets since August when I worked over the first top in this potential volatile topping scenario. This is when I started looking for the red rising wedge and here we are today with the wedge in place, fear increasing, economics faltering and the first potential QE4 trial balloon to be floated. I've told you that #QEFail by the ECB was a dud, and the only QE that would substantially matter would have to come from the Fed.

This will be their last ditch effort and will only allow them what time is left to prepare for the end. The greatest bulltrap of all time will come with this. This, QE4, is the only reason I have not called a top. In August of 2012 I told STB in a memorable tweet that we had entered a period of "unprecedented manipulation". This period will end when QE4 finally crushes what's left of the global financial system. 

What follows the QE4 hint will be the government setting up for their end game scenarios. Now we bring in false flags, war (remember my big question - which comes first war or crash? and the fact I've believed since 2010 that Obummer would have to have a war for multiple reasons), nanny state, take the guns, fascism, UN sustainable development and all the other horror stories we've discussed over the years. 

Look for the government to really up their efforts on controlling society. They have most of the pieces in place. The major ones, power, water and internet are right at their fingertips - we riot, they shut everything off, we come back begging for them to save us willing to submit to any demands they have - poof! America is gone. 

We are honestly heading down this path I believe, so pay attention to any QE4 speak that may come. IMHO this will be the key to begin the early exit before the SHTF. Remember, all the way out, get your money out of their system and failing dollars and into real assets that you can physically own. 

On to the lie - 

I've stubbornly stuck to my bearish stance and my love affair with the 2062 s/r line, and the chart below. We're at a do or die point right before a major holiday that for the rare occasion and the first time in years has not had a major ramp associated with it. They see it, you see it, we all see the support that price is dangling on here. So, why have they not pulled us back from the brink with the potentially biggest Christian holiday and Passover upon us and the next blood moon just around the corner? Interesting thought there. Could it be STB "event" time? I don't think so, but one could make a very effective argument for the case. Anyway, you can't not think about such things. you must entertain every possibility.

SPX Daily - Support is cracking. To add to my QE4 thoughts from above, I've always been on a kick that they must induce fear and a lot of it for then to "have" to QE again. It's quite possible "the" top is set. A breakdown here to an 18 handle or the "Bullard" level and QE4 talk or even activation is quite possible. The bull trap back to 2062 or higher and then poof.


Freedom watch - 

Biblical - California governor orders mandatory water restrictions this is really gonna mess things up. CA without water? This is one of the biggest economies on the planet. And ask yourself - if they can make it rain, which we know they can they do it all the time, then why are they not making it rain?

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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