Friday, July 12, 2019

Morning Charts 07/12/2019 SPX

Leftist #metoo hypocrisy lookout. Will it be selectively applied?  Will they stand up for these victims? Ha! That’s funny. If Epstein was a problem for the right you damn well know the new accusers would be paraded all over. Fing hypocrites!

Puerto Rico - thank goodness Trump administration doesn’t bow to or support corruption.

cLIEmate change - must be something in the water or radiation exposure if these scientists grew a pair to stand up to this BS.

Hey UN - fuck off and kiss my ass.

As a UGA fan it takes one hell of a lot, like an act of God, for me to say anything close to nice about anything Auburn. In this case, Tubs is one hell of a classy man and a great leader. If I’ll step out and say that ... he’s damn right for the job.

On to the lie -

Full STB disclosure - Well RC and I hashed it out on the phone yesterday for a good 45 minutes. He wishes everyone well and says hello. Disqus has banned him from the platform or he’d maybe come back. He can read comments. Of course ‘they’ had to drop the call at least once to let us know they were listening. Their timing was impeccable. LOL. Bottom line was it ended with a small, toe in the water, test of a short position. His case for a short ran the spectrum from bonds to currency and all in between. Dude is smart. I agreed to the point that this was purely risk capital, and that there need be a watchful eye for an exit if the entry was wrong. Early to the trade can be OK, but too early is not. Gonna scale into this position. The ‘STB event’ was discussed. I totally get where he is, I’m just not quite there yet. Close. Very close. As in could be any moment close. We like VXX as a vehicle.

More to come below.

Have a good day

GL and GB!

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