Thursday, July 11, 2019

Morning Charts 07/11/2019 SPX

AOC v. Pelosi cat fight?  Normally I’d get somewhat aroused at the thought. In this case it’s pretty damn gross mental image. Sad. Sums up irreparable state of D party.

Pathetic at a time like this. I get it. Understandable, but just NO not now.

I think this is wonderful!

The other half of the story.

Iran taunting UK ships not good. Little man syndrome. Still Q says they are next. I believe it. How? Not sure. Apparently the threat of being turned into glass is a non factor.

On to the lie -

Northy again for those that missed it yesterday.

IMO and I’ll shout it loudly cause I’ve said it for years - THEY CANNOT RAISE RATES! This only adds to the confusion it will they use the Fed to help take Trump out or not?

SPX clipped 3k yesterday. I’d prefer a close over the number, but bottom line is the horse got the carrot. Some ego infused douche in NYC made it happen. GOOD. Happened a lot faster than anticipated. STB waiting on an event to turn markets. Something that bothers or scares everyone. Till then remain in your seats and do not remove safety devices.

More to come below

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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