Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Morning Charts 06/26/2019 SPX

We need more of this - car dealership promotes free Bible, shotgun and flag for 4th of July promotion.

cLIEmate change or global warming - whatever they call it today? If you’re not aware we’re entering a Grand Solar Minimum which means is gonna get COLD AF for a few years.

There are only two genders right? Right!? Well the kid that brought this up in school... suspended.

Holy crap. I was terrified under Obozo and with the threat of Hildabeast. I’m not sure what’s worse, them or the army of complete bumbling bozos they have inspired. I know it’s only like 7% of the country, but when the MSM touts everything they do as gospel promoting their insanity....geez! When these bozos actually control things like media and tech it’s pretty darn worrisome. If we’re lucky we get Trump for 4 more years and the left annihilate themselves. If not our future is pretty dismal.

On to the lie -

2880 is SPX support to watch.

All eyes on Iran. I say fuck it and turn the place into glass if we can’t get the extremist Mullahs out of power. Muslim OK but the radical Islam NOT OK. Why is it we always let a few greedy idiots at the top control everything? How dumb are the people on this planet??

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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