Friday, June 14, 2019

Morning Charts 06/14/2019 SPX

Orwellian technocrats are here now.  I feel sorry for the children who may never know true freedom. I’d say anyone over the age of 65 timed their existence on this planet perfectly. Well, unless you’re an atheist mega elite that does not mind mass slavery and poverty in a Hunger Games world. This whole planet is gonna be a shithole in  30 to 50 years.

China takes action to ‘rectify’ their internet problems - sound familiar?

From the nothing is real files - This runs with the new Biden body double belief -

State funded sex reassignment surgery for CHILDREN?  How fucked up is that?

So to sum up the last posts ‘they’ can fake anything and everything, but you get profiled for pre-crime and thought crimes. Oh, and gender is ... WTF? See ... shithole.

The only positive I can pull is that people are waking up, yet they remain sheep.

Enough of that shit for today. Congratulations Canada and raptors fans. I love it when underdogs win. So does Trump invite the Canadian team to the WH? Not sure.

On to the lie -

See, I’ve told you the markets are basically a meaningless distraction from reality, and fiat is that as well. Best trade ever - fiat for gold, silver or real tangible assets. It’s like trading a pile of shit for a bars of gold except in reality a pile of shit in some instances is better than fiat even.

Consolidation continues. Far more resistance than support.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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