Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Morning Charts 04/26/2016 SPX /es

Sure, this makes all the sense in the world we're roughly 50 points away from ATH and what ..... ? "This Is The Longest Uninterrupted Selling Streak In History" - Smart Money Sells Stocks For Record 13 Consecutive Weeks. The poor sheeple saps. What the sheeple think is a great deal is not reality as markets continue to rise and provide the mask for the elite's wealth transfer scam.

On to the lie - 

All that matters today - As Fed Meeting Begins Futures Are Flat In Sleepy Session; Apple Earnings On Deck

SPX 30m - Possible HnS.

SPX 60m - She's still trying to roll over. The large wedge has busted support and price has overthrown all sorts of other formations.

Freedom watch - 

Again - for those with a fixed pension income - it CAN happen to you as well and most likely will - Major UK Pension Fund Slashes Benefits As Funding Crisis Spreads

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

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