Monday, April 18, 2016

Morning Charts 04/18/2016 SPX /es

Pay up day. 

Worth a look if you can deal with the truth - "This Will All Blow Up In The Fed's Face," Schiff Warns "Trump's Right, America Is Broke"

Just waiting on the STB Event at this point.

On to the lie - 

After all the Fed has done over the past few weeks to try and achieve lift off - are they about to lose the battle? 

SPX 30m - Rollover continues (Black, Red, Blue formations) and fear/anger builds (finally). Small HnS on the 5m chart from Friday. Island gap and the 64 (major s/r) area will be the first key point.

SPX 60m - 64 area will be critical to holding blue wedge support - so if 64 goes it could be a major look out moment. 


Freedom watch -

World's most powerful nation? LMAO we've devolved into a pathetic excuse of a former global powerhouse - Saudi King And Princes Blackmail The U.S. Government: What Happens Next. Like I said yesterday, the whole treasury deal is a smoke screen - we can't go down the path of blaming the Saudis for one simple reason - the US is more guilty than they are - they paid for it and we enabled it.

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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