Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Morning Charts 02/24/2015 SPX /es

"On to the lie -", some may wonder why I have begun the market/chart portion of my blog posts with that specific header for years now. Some do know, some totally get it. For those that do not, for those that hear us discussing the PPT on almost a daily basis now, for those (like LIEsman) that simply will never cross that line between what's real and what is not you need to read, 

Ex-Plunge Protection Team Whistleblower: "Governments Control Markets; There Is No Price Discovery Anymore"

"there's no price discovery anymore by the market... governments impose prices on the market."

Not enough proof? Then try, 

Ten Banks, Including JPM, Goldman, Deutsche, Barclays, SocGen And UBS, Probed For Gold Rigging

"The regulator said it found “serious misconduct” among precious-metals traders at UBS, including “front running,” or trading ahead of, the silver-fix orders of one client."
Conspiracy fact is a really tough pill to swallow. This implies that you've been steadfastly on the wrong side of the truth, in bed with the idiots and propagandists, ignorant to reality and willingly participating in the dissemination of lies. If you are in this camp, then you need to read Are Conspiracy Theorists Nuts?

Total control, been saying it for years now. "'They' can't let it fall" - lord knows how many times we've discussed that. Prescribed support, no resistance, QE off/on, Fed speak, massive short slaughtering; pick a market, any market, they are all rigged at this point. This leads full circle to the STB call for an external "event" that will rip control of the markets from "them". Thus I wait to time the top, and we're getting close.

On to the lie - 

Yellen tonight and tomorrow, just as yesterday, I suspect consolidation till she speaks. Now, there should be some insider (leaked) trading/positioning today, so look for clues there. If she disappoints, downside could be significant. Remember bad=good. See, Why The Last Thing US Equity Markets Want Is Good Data

SPX Daily - Yes, I'm still thinking about calling a top. Just having some issues finalizing my thoughts. Right now price is attempting another overthrow situation where negative divergences may about to be abused again. I'd really like to see a pop above those red and green resistance diagonals to set a really nice reversal point. This is not a call, just something I'd like to see.

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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