Monday, February 16, 2015

Morning Charts 02/16/2015 SPX /es

Presidents Day. Something tells me that because of this president this holiday may be short lived. Since every president before the 1900's is now considered a terrorist, that fascism is the new presidential fashion, since this potus is a megalomaniac, today may be renamed ( by EO of course) after his majesty. After all in his mind he's a savior, a god, a deity above all former rulers.

At the rate history is being rewritten, education is under the governments thumb, the Internet is being taken over by government, the nanny state controls and sees all, before too long O will have himself installed as the only supreme ruler of a new nation. America will have become a tragic experiment in capitalism that will be expelled from our memory banks.

Times they are a changing. We can either lay down (as we have) or we can do something about it. We better move soon. Places like STB are short lived cause of coming Internet regulations and control. We're losing our individual rights at an alarming pace cause of this potus. All hail the new king.

More to come below.

Enjoy the holiday.

GL and GB!

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