Monday, January 12, 2015

Morning Charts 01/12/2015 SPX /es

Interesting post from ZH - The Fed Is Losing, If Not Already Lost, Control
It's not like STB has been pondering this question with a when not if scenario for years. We often discuss their growing juggling act of ever increasing and intensifying global and domestic issues. 

Stimulus Monkeys

As usual with these events in these days of camera's everywhere and MSM manipulation, it takes a week or so, but some internet junkies get to digging and always come up with questions about the event that never seem to match the "narrative". I suggest you read this eyeopener -  Nine Questions About the Paris Attacks.

On to the lie - 

This is about the only chart I like right now. It simply backs my remaining bearish stance about price here. Sure, the Fed will do what it wants with price, but technically the market should not be done correcting (if a top is not in). I know, the falls all end in V bottoms and usually have no other reason for a BTFD other than some sort of Fed speak (of which the EU has till Jan 22nd to figure out their next stimulus plan which all must know and follow). I also noted the STB bull/bear line (61% retracement) got crossed briefly last week, but for now the bears still have the ball. 

SPX Daily - Bid neg divs leading to another pop to neg div scenario could still have some sort of meaning. These are fairly severe in this overbought situation. They used to be sure fire sell signals. STB got the fall and pop call, and now the Jan post holiday fall. Was that it? Was that the top? Is the Fed and the global QE cabal finally finished? We'll know more with this next EU announcement. Till then all we can do is hold our breath and expect moar of the same. To do otherwise is not a viable alternative quite yet. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB !

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