Monday, October 7, 2019

Morning Charts 10/07/2019 SPX

I’m almost at the point of giving up on the swamp ever being drained. With all the evidence. All the proof. No convictions or even prosecution? Pathetic. Sure, we get a lot of posturing and threats, but in the end nothing is done. If the multi tiered justice system is here to stay then our worst Orwellian nightmares will come true.

For example - some of us have been bitching about this for years -

Deep state exposed? Tell us ‘conspiracy theorists’ something we don’t know. This is little more than a soft disclosure to our ruling class.

Reminder of how they can and will control you - cut off cash. See India and China. When they get their cashless society then total control will be enabled.

On to the lie -

CHINA!!! FED!!! They scream that for hot takes, but we all know it’s about liquidity. Read this post it lays things out nicely.

Like I’ve said, folks that lived through ‘02 and ‘08 ain’t gonna wait around and ride this next one out. Mass exodus will happen. It may have started already.

Lower high, but a higher low (for now). Looks like the rollover may have begun. Still plenty of support hanging around. Up here low volatility dull impossible push into ATH resistance, but jus below is a big consolidation area chock full of volatility.  Ceiling above and abyss below.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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