Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Morning Charts 08/07/2019 SPX

Did you ever think it could get this whacked out? We’re like on one wheel on the third rail which makes no sense. It’s that bad.  Let’s just hope they can’t make it any worse than it is.

Read the Breitbart headlines, and then take three Advil (or medication or your choosing) to get rid of the headache. COMPLETE FUCKING INSANITY! Lies after more lies exposed with no repercussions.

Good vs evil - I’d lay good money that it’s biblical at this point.

Pentagon SPY BALLOONS over the USA? Nothing should surprise you now.

Q and 8chan under severe attack. They don’t want us doing any sort of coordinated or mass research.

The good news is the left keeps trying to outleft itself doing insane amounts of damage. Also the Orwellian tech and MSM backing of this insanity will be addressed after the election.  Can someone please put the toddlers back in their pen? Trump vs Deep State for all the marbles in his lame duck years will be a battle for the ages. He’s gonna need all our help.  If you see something, say something may just backfire on the police state.

On to the lie -

Well STB’s been touting diversification out of the worthless fiat dollar for close to ten years now. Trade fiat for tangible assets (BEST TRADE EVER!). I still contend if you have close to 15% of your assets in gold your net worth will remain the same after a complete market collapse. Yes, I believe gold is going to the moon.

Will they use the markets against Trump and the patriot movement? One conundrum - they like money too. High markets enable them as well. Paradox much?

DOW futures have gone from up 100 to down 100 this morning. So let’s call 26k the new resistance point. Not good to see round numbers set as market negative points on the way down. 25,300 is next support, so let’s not freak out quite yet. Have your preferred medication ready for the worst, but chill and let’s see what ‘they’ want.

More to come below.

Have a good day.

GL and GB!

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