Friday, January 25, 2019

Morning Charts 01/25/2019 SPX

THEY WANT US DIVIDED! They must have us divided to maintain control and stay in power. The Ruling Elites Love How Easily We’re Distracted and Turned Against Each Other


On to the lie -

Fed to ease? Fed Considering Earlier End To Quantitative Tightening  So the Fed is going to try and delay the inevitable? Watch for insider selling to ramp up.

Or do all the arrows point to disaster (as they should) "There Are Going To Be Shocks" - Barclays CEO Warns Another Financial Crisis Is Likely

DOW Weekly - We're beyond the end, it's just a matter of when and not if. I'd say some LT options on the VIX exploding would be worth a small bet. Remember, you need to be diversifying OUT OF THE DOLLAR into real tangible assets at these inflated levels. The best trade now is trading worthless fiat for real tangible assets (like gold for instance - it's almost like getting it for free).

More to come below.

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GL and GB!

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