Thursday, June 8, 2017

Morning Charts 06/08/2017 SPX /es

Things are more strange now than ever. I guess you could call it business as usual on steroids. The PTB are doing everything they can to keep the veil up and the rot hidden. Global tensions continue to rise and worsen. Me and many others have been looking at a market that's begging for a large 10 - 15% correction. Sadly the markets are not capable of correcting in a natural manner anymore (Total Control), so this will take an "event" of some sort to trigger this. No one knows when this will happen, but the higher they take price the worse the fall will be. 2120 to 2180 would be my target area for this correction if it were to occur. That number would match blue channel support in the chart below later this summer if that's what they would be targeting for support for a major correction. Before we get there there is a chance a first correction would drop to 2366 and then one last bull trap before the big fall.
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SPX Weekly

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