Thursday, September 29, 2016

Morning Charts 09/29/2016 SPX /es

Fed speak all day ending with Grandma after the close - should be interesting yet dull day if I had to guess. After the close, there things may get interesting. 

How bout this one - it's a doozy! Bank Of England Governor Warns Of ZIRP/QE "In Perpetuity". I guess that fits well with the 5 year time frame mentioned here yesterday - again, IMO, they are a bit optimistic. 

On the DB issue, Denninger has a point in
Whistling Past Your Graveyard

"If you think Germany can bail out Deutsche Bank you're delusional.  Their total derivative exposure grossly exceeds the entire net value of everything in Germany!  Not just the government's resources, all private resources as well!  In other words even if the government wanted to bail them out, even if they'd survive bailing them out politically they can't, even if they attempted to confiscate everything of value within the nation."

On to the lie -

SPX Weekly - Just hangin out under ATH and above old ATH support. Upper end of consolidation zone. Can you see A) the first wedge where price shoulda failed leading to B) the big ass HnS that they ramped price right off the neckline to avoid collapse? Damn they are good (till they aren't).

Freedom watch -

We really need to celebrate these small victories - they are few and far between. They offer a glimpse that there is some form of government for the people (to a very small degree).
Obama Humiliated: For The First Time, Congress Votes To Override President's "Sept 11" Bill Veto

But don't get complacent - they're desperate and pushing hard to eliminate any conservative voice - FEC Dems lay groundwork to ban Fox, WSJ political coverage

More to come below.

Have a good day!

GL and GB!

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