Monday, March 7, 2016

Morning Charts 03/07/2016 SPX /es

OK, given the source you must approach this post with skepticism, no not ZH but Lord Rothschild - "We're In The Eye Of The Storm" Rothschild Fears "Daunting Litany" Of Problems Ahead. What's truth and what's a carrot are what we must decipher. I have a suspicion there is a huge hint in there and it may be so in your face you miss it or are afraid to internalize it. 

Draghi this week and the ECB, so we must remain patient.

On to the lie - 

Gonna be sad to see the wedge go (if it's going). 

SPX 5m - The top end of the wedge. Negative divergences abound.

SPX 30m - Once a wedge this large overthrows the top resistance (especially at strong 1990 support resistance point and at a double 61% retacement point it's usually a pretty good sign a reversal is overdue.

SPX Daily

Freedom watch - 

Ever wonder why we can't get ahead in the middle east of why we can't stop anything happening in Turkey? U.S. Supplies ISIS through Turkey

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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