Monday, December 7, 2015

Morning Charts 12/07/2015 SPX /es

Wait a second, we're fighting ISIS, right? Then why Assad Slams US Bombing Of Government Troops As Turkey Accuses Russia Of Violating Montreux Treaty?  Oh, never mind. Bottom line is we still want Assad out and ISIS is our proxy. Russia and Iran want Assad in, so they are pummeling ISIS with NATO allies France and the UK. Turkey is selling ISIS oil, and we're facilitating it. Turkey has invaded Iraq who no longer wants our assistance with anything. Iran and Iraq are somehow now BFF's. Things are about to get real. 

Then throw in China getting in the SDR game and now you have this - On the Fed - you need to read this - Why the Fed Has to Raise Rates. Simple, easy to understand and I believe pretty accurate. But then again read this for the disaster it will enable - "The Fed Doesn't Get It" A Rate-Hike Means People "Will Be Carried Out On Stretchers".

Pretty simple, as we've discussed for years, protecting the WRC status, the almighty dollar, is what it's all about. They are about to destroy everything not to protect the country or for democracy or any of the standard BS reasons they give - they are about to destroy everything for the Fed's survival.

On to the lie - 

SPX 60m - IMO, things don't look good.

SPX 5m - this may be in play - 2114 target - before a reversal.

Freedom watch - 

Go figure - 72 DHS Employees on Terrorist Watch List

And the Christmas message today - George Bailey "Dear Father in heaven, I'm not a praying man, but if you're up there and you can hear me show me the way... show me the way."

More to come below. 

Have a good week. 

GL and GB!

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