Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Morning charts 09/01/2015 SPX /es

China, the economic leader of the future, taking over the world, to become the most powerful nation on the planet, not only growth but super growth powering the global economy into orbit, blah, blah, blah .... are you starting to see through their propaganda now? Sadly about six years ago I started comparing the US to big red as sort of a joke. Now the truth is once again stranger than fiction. We're headed down the same path. Do you now see where lies, corruption and the erosion of freedom lead? Believe it. Stop doubting. Cross that line in the sand and see reality for what it is people. If you don't, if you remain in slumber or denial, you will not be ready for what is to come. 

On to the lie - 

SPX Daily - Support and resistance. Potential new large falling red wedge. I doubt any sort of recognizable trend or pattern will form. this breakdown should cause the development of a new technical pattern. I'm gonna coin it the "elevator shaft".

SPX Monthly - For those of you that are into the Cycle thingy. That monthly candle tho .... The bulls last hope - that potential large rising wedge with a down and up left to complete the formation. don't see how that could happen other than money literally falling from the skies (which still could happen).

SPX Weekly - Two points to me of interest - January of '13 and June of '14 - everything beyond these two dates is an illusion, it's fake. It will all be taken back, and when that's taken back more (much) more will follow. 

Freedom watch - 

What should begin my ramping up of prepper talk and STB fear mongering of how bad things are about to get - Preparing For A Potential Economic Collapse In October


More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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