Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Morning Charts 09/03/2014 SPX /es

So, what's exactly up with Ukraine? Are we on, off, up, down, what is it? Truth is you never know when everything is a web spun of lies for the capitalist cabal. That's the sad truth and to make matters worse, EVERYONE knows they are lying. It's well beyond humorous at this point for the elite as they try to carry out their plans for global dominance (or try to save their ass).

What is not a joke right now is the easy question? Failure on every level is glaringly apparent. 

Rates, dollar, carry, gold and oil - watch them closely. We're being lulled to sleep right now. Strength in the dollar? Really? Weakness in oil? Are you serious? 

Oh, and the VIX, I think that there is a chance that some relevance may come from this completely irrelevant indicator.  

I think we're being set up for a reversal of all reversals. It's just a matter of time now. So, be wary, stay alert, it may take months or it could happen in a day, but know that all this destabilization will mount to an event. 

On to the lie- 

Daily SPX - I like this chart cause it's so clean and really basic - See the blue channel 50% diagonal, the 100sma and then the lower blue support diagonal - any turn should take you to one of those points. Tick them off one by one, they are the three support points you need to be aware of. Anything below channel support and sell stops come flying and tank city is whats gonna happen. Till then, Forward!

SPX 60m - The blip yesterday was cause the market is ready to correct. The Ukraine ceasefire message was a well timed call as markets are ready to tumble, and they needed a news bite to quell what natural forces are left wanting to drive overbought and weak markets south. 

 Living on the edge baby, with some serious psychopaths driving the train. What a way to go out.

More to come below. 

Have a good day. 

GL and GB!

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