Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Post

We will keep it light here at STB this turkey day. Let's take a day off (just one day though) from bashing the establishment, their war mongering and expansion of the police state in conjunction with destroying our constitutional rights.

No matter the case economically or politically, we will always have numerous reasons to be thankful. Whether it be family, health or religion, I'm sure you'll always be able to dig deep enough to find something, at any moment, that you should give thanks for. In these darkest of hours, those moments can be fleeting, but they do exist and are present. It just takes a bit of clearing the fog of decadence and despair to find them.

Perhaps in our current fight for freedom and liberty, our fight against the establishment, remembering and being thankful we even have a chance to wage this battle is something. Perhaps it is our ability to have the chance to fight for our own, or children's, future that we should be thankful for?  Bottom line is we were given a great gift a couple of hundred years ago. Many who can not be with us today fought and died for us to be able speak our minds and exercise our human rights. Sadly there are way too many that can not do so in other places on this globe.

Imagine living in North Korea, really? I mean under our current dictatorship is not as bad, but these people got it bad. What about some of the conditions in MENA? Dominican Republic? Africa? I could go on and on. I think you get my point. It ain't all that bad here, we've got it good, but we're also losing it in a rapid manner.

We need to be mindful and thankful of our gifts and opportunities that many don't have. I sure as heck don't see any solutions to the issues facing us today, but whatever happens we at least have a (now fleeting) chance to voice our opinion or even fight for our human dignity. Many don't have this.

So, dig deep, find perspective, positives do exist. We are all very blessed in many different ways. We all have many things to be thankful for. Some are more obvious than others. Sometimes we just have to find the right angle to view things and remove our heads from our posteriors to find them.

Let me take a moment and thank all the readers of STB. What a sensational community we have here. I  have many things to be thankful for and one that's near the top is all of y'all.

I find this chart amazingly appropriate and not just cause of its theme.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

GL and GB!

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